2019 WWW Board Committee & Chair Descriptions

Open Application Period through December 31, 2018

In order to continue to grow as an organization, increase opportunities for member involvement, and meet the needs of our members, WWW has established five subcommittees. We invite all members to apply for the following positions by December 31, 2018: 

  • Annual Trip Co-Chair
  • Communications Co-Chair
  • D.C. Community Co-Chair
  • Partnerships Chair
  • At-Large Member

Below, find position descriptions and a link to the application. If you are interested in applying, please review the role descriptions and expectations and complete this application by December 31. You are welcome to apply for more than one position (feel free to copy/paste responses). While we have listed general descriptions below, we want to stress that enthusiasm, over experience, is most important! Wild Wilderness Women in any location may apply for all positions, with the exception of the D.C. Community Chairs who must be located in the D.C. area.

Want to join a committee, but not lead it? Email us and we’ll connect you to the committee chair(s).

Questions? Email Liz Luckey Suspanic.

Requirements and Expectations are listed at the bottom of the page.

Board Committee and Chair Descriptions

Annual Trip Committee
2 co-chairs, 3+ additional members

WWW hosts an annual Babes off the Beaten Path trip to bring together group members in a beautiful location in the wilderness. The goal of the trip is to provide a space for our members to get to know one another, enhance their own wilderness skills and have a good time. The committee will meet regularly to plan out the upcoming trip, create necessary resources and coordinate trip logistics with trip attendees.  

The Annual Trip Committee Co-chair will support the planning of the annual trip by co-leading the committee, ensuring that necessary tasks are being done by committee members and event attendees and taking on specific aspects of the trip planning.

D.C. Community Committee
2 co-chairs, 3+ additional members

While WWW boasts members across the country, our core membership is in the District of Columbia. The D.C. Community Committee will ensure that there are ample opportunities for women in the area to meet and to get outdoors throughout the year. The Committee will be responsible for leading events, and recruiting and supporting event leaders through virtual and in-person new leader orientations. All members of WWW will continue to be invited to lead events as they please; the D.C. Community Committee exists to supplement, support and add structure and consistency to the offerings and activity of the group. At least one member of this Committee will act as liaison with the Partnerships Committee as applicable.

Each D.C. Community Committee Co-Chair will be personally responsible for organizing and leading one event per quarter. Event examples include day hikes, after-work walkabouts, backpacking trips, happy hours, rock climbing, book club, etc. | Apply

Communications Committee
2 co-chairs, 4+ additional members

The WWW Communications Committee will work to carry out the organization’s mission in all online spaces: social media, WWW website and blog, email newsletter and new platforms (online and off) as needed. The Committee will create and curate content for all platforms to ensure consistent online presence.

The Communications Committee Co-Chairs oversee all platform managers and ensure cohesion of messaging and voice. | Apply

Partnerships Committee
1 chair, 3+ additional members

The WWW Partnerships Committee will focus on expanding and diversifying WWW’s membership, with a particular focus on increasing access for women who are traditionally underrepresented in outdoor spaces because of age, size, race/ethnicity, access, or other identities. This Committee will also foster partnerships with external organizations who can provide ongoing educational and skill building opportunities for members.

The Partnerships Committee Chair directs the overarching strategy for outreach, though each committee member will manage their own contacts and connections. | Apply

General Information, Requirements & Expectations

What is an At-Large Board Member?: These members are committed to being an active member of at least two subcommittees and have the opportunity to be involved in quarterly board meetings as desired. | Apply

What is a Committee Co-Chair?: A Committee Co-Chair leads one of the five subcommittees. You will guide the subcommittee’s monthly calls and general strategy, delegate responsibilities, and represent your subcommittee at board calls. As a subcommittee co-chair, you also have the option to attend and be involved in other subcommittees as desired.

What are the expectations of a Board Member / Committee Chair?

General Expectations for all Board Members:

  • A year-long commitment to your role with the option to extend after one year
  • Attendance (in person or via phone) at 75% of meetings for your respective subcommittee(s), which will meet monthly
  • A strong sense of enthusiasm for the organization and role
  • A commitment to contribute to action-oriented committees that will allow you opportunities to work on projects you are personally passionate about

Expectations for Committee Chairs:

  • Leading your sub-committee’s monthly call & defining action items for these calls
  • Attendance at 75% of all general board meetings, held quarterly
  • Delegating subcommittee responsibilities and helping guide the strategy and discussion
  • Ensure all deliverables are met and that sub-committee members have the opportunity to take on projects they are passionate about