In August 2014, our Co-founder, Korrin Bishop, sat journaling in a tent in the backcountry of Alaska’s Katmai National Park, wondering why the women in her life weren’t coming together more in the outdoors to celebrate the power and beauty of femininity and nature. When she returned to Washington, D.C., she quickly reached out to her friend, and soon to be Co-founder, Liz Luckey Suspanic, about working together to form a strong band of women who could adventure together.

Over some cold brews in a D.C. basement bar, Korrin and Liz laughed, brainstormed, and excitedly sketched out the plans for a new women’s outdoor group. Though some specifics were still left to be hammered out, by the end of the night, Korrin and Liz agreed on one thing for certain—this group would be called the Wild Wilderness Women (WWW).

On November 1, 2014, they sent out invitations to eleven initial women to join WWW, and from that moment on, it was clear that WWW was set to grow and develop in its own wild way to the nurturing, empowering, and intrepid group it is today, run by a board of women dedicated to building women up through journeys in the great outdoors and beyond!

Today, WWW plans monthly opportunities for its 600+ (and growing!) members to participate in hikes, paddle trips, skiing, camping, and more. We also provide outlets for discussing documentaries, literature, and current events that relate to women, wilderness, or when those two great subjects combine.

In addition, WWW plans an annual trip called Babes Off the Beaten Path, which brings together both current members living in D.C. and any “alumni” now living elsewhere for extended time in some of the more extraordinary public lands of the United States. The inaugural Babes Off the Beaten Path trip took place in August 2016 in Glacier National Park.

This website is an extension of WWW’s mission to be a visible encouragement for other women to get outdoors and engage meaningfully with one another. It is a resource for every heart out there waiting to let herself be wild. Welcome!

Header photo credit: Marlene Haggblade